Intrique and Fun

Tagua Fashion JewelryTagua Fashion Jewelry
Keana wears a long circle necklace with a pair of black earrings and a drop bracelets. She has an air of intrigue with a classy look.
Gini wears a red long circle necklaces with a "hidden" pair of red earrings together with the square and small drop bracelets. She looks comfortable and ready to have fun.
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Beautiful as the Flowers

Fashion Tagua Jewelry
Keana is wearing a pair brown circle tagua earrings with an ensemble of Asai seed bracelets.

The jewelry simply complements her natural exotic beauty.

Retail Cost
Earrings: $10
Bracelets Each:$8
Necklace: $15
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Black and White - Tagua Fashion Jewelry

Tagua Fashionn Jewelry
Gene is wearing a beautiful set of natural vegetable ivory jewelry.

Retail Cost
Earrings; $10
Necklaces: $25
Drop Bracelet: $25
Small Drop Bracelets: $15

Vegetable Ivory is also know as "Tagua Nut".  This is a natural material that resembles the properties of "Animal Ivory", and the advantage of been a sustainable material.
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Yoga and Tagua Fashion Jewelry

Tagua Fashon Jewelry Bracelets
Balance and Strength
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Meditating with Tagua Jewelry

Tagua Fashion Jewelry Earrings
Perfect Balance 
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Peace with Tagua Jewelry

Fashion Tagua Jewelry earrings
"Natural Flow of Energy
 between the Model and Our Green Jewelry"Our Green Jewelry"
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Meditating Under the Sun

This is one of our models showing how to model our colorful jewelry
while meditating
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Tagua Earrings

This model looks great with these jewelry. You can look like her too. The contracts between red and white is great!

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