Coffee from Ecuador

So I was in Starbucks today getting an iced green tea whilst I waiting for my little actors to get out of camp, and I began to wonder, does Starbucks import coffee from Ecuador?  A quick browse around the cafe yielded no answers, but an equally quick browse of the internet revealed that yes indeed, Starbucks does import coffee from Ecuador - in the same province of Ecuador as we manufacture our products in no less!  Does that make us neighbors?  Partners?  Responsible world citizens boosting a third-world country's economy??  As Fair Trade Federation Members we are committed to those principles of social responsibility and stewardship.  But does the coffee industry have the same or similar standards?  I don't know.  

Readers, I love a good strong cup of coffee, and I am going to order some online just to give it a try.  And as a global citizen, I know my responsibility as a consumer is to learn all there is to know about the products I purchase including the standards by which they are manufactured.  So stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Pampeana as we research our impact in Ecuador and the dealings of our neighbors in Ecuador.  

Can you believe Starbucks coffee is imported from the same province as we import our products?  I'm so intrigued!
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Intrique and Fun

Tagua Fashion JewelryTagua Fashion Jewelry
Keana wears a long circle necklace with a pair of black earrings and a drop bracelets. She has an air of intrigue with a classy look.
Gini wears a red long circle necklaces with a "hidden" pair of red earrings together with the square and small drop bracelets. She looks comfortable and ready to have fun.
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Beautiful as the Flowers

Fashion Tagua Jewelry
Keana is wearing a pair brown circle tagua earrings with an ensemble of Asai seed bracelets.

The jewelry simply complements her natural exotic beauty.

Retail Cost
Earrings: $10
Bracelets Each:$8
Necklace: $15
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Black and White - Tagua Fashion Jewelry

Tagua Fashionn Jewelry
Gene is wearing a beautiful set of natural vegetable ivory jewelry.

Retail Cost
Earrings; $10
Necklaces: $25
Drop Bracelet: $25
Small Drop Bracelets: $15

Vegetable Ivory is also know as "Tagua Nut".  This is a natural material that resembles the properties of "Animal Ivory", and the advantage of been a sustainable material.
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Yoga and Tagua Fashion Jewelry

Tagua Fashon Jewelry Bracelets
Balance and Strength
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Meditating with Tagua Jewelry

Tagua Fashion Jewelry Earrings
Perfect Balance 
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Peace with Tagua Jewelry

Fashion Tagua Jewelry earrings
"Natural Flow of Energy
 between the Model and Our Green Jewelry"Our Green Jewelry"
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Meditating Under the Sun

This is one of our models showing how to model our colorful jewelry
while meditating
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Tagua Earrings

This model looks great with these jewelry. You can look like her too. The contracts between red and white is great!

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Tagua Jewelry

Mack is showing three different type of pieces from the Green Living Tree Collection. The Flip Flop charm necklace, the Asai Elastic bracelet, and the Xoxo Tugua bracelets.

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Asai and Charm Jewelry

.This is one of our models Mack wearing a charm necklaces and our Asai bracelets.
Asai Bracelet

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2012 Custom Work

2012 Custom Work

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Tagua Necklace (dolphin)

Mack is wearing a dolphin carving from our tribal necklace from the Green Living Collection.

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Tagua Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly Domino Tagua Necklaces. One word...Stunning!

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Tagua Bracelets

She has such a young look wearing this jewelry.

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