From Debra Ross-Vassar

National Museum of Wildlife Art - Jackson, WY

"We have had a very positive experience selling the Pampeana glass ornaments. As a non-profit we must abide by our "mission" we have found the animals and nature scenes depicted on the ornaments meet this requirement and they are popular item with the Museum Shop guests. It's an excellent price point for visitors as a purchase for themselves or others. As our consumers become more environmentally conscience, they are always pleased to read the "Green Living" notice we display next to the ornaments."

From Lois Culler

Fair Trade Winds (Seattle, WA - Bar Harbor, ME - Stony Brooks, NY - Springfield, OH - Fairfax, VA)

Working closely with the PamPeana team through several trial phases, we were able to create unique, customized fused glass pieces for our stores. These items are a perfect example of the strength and flexibility of Fair Trade relationships between artisans and buyers. Using the artisans' skills with recycled glass, the vendor's design power, and a mutual understanding of the ever-changing U.S. market, we came up with a product that fits our customers' needs and celebrates those who made it. We most definitely look forward to continuing our relationship with the whole PamPeana team in the future.

From Robert Hazen

One World Goods (Rochester, NY)

One World Goods began buying Fair Trade goods from Pampeana Arts in 2006.  Since we placed our first small order of craft products in that year, Pampeana has become one of our largest suppliers.  We now purchase large quantities of fairly traded goods through Pampeana – sourced from Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.

There are a host of reasons why the relationship between One World Goods and Pampeana has flourished over the years, but most crucial among these have been customer service, product quality, and product line innovation.  Orders are shipped promptly and packed in a way as to limit damage.  In the rare case of an error or product damage, Pablo and his team always act in a prompt and fair fashion.  The quality of the products is always good, and I know from conversations with Pablo that he personally inspects the product that ship.  Finally, Pampeana’s product line is constantly refreshed as new items and categories are added.  Just in the past year a new line of Tagua jewelry was introduced that has been a huge hit at One World Goods.  For the past six years One World Goods and Pampeana have enjoyed an excellent relationship and we look forward to a bright future working together toward the shared goal of social justice through Fair Trade.